EFFECT Founded in 1990 and offers integrated IT solutions and related products and services for the Financial Sector.

EFFECT designs, develops and implements innovative, fully compatible software solutions for asset management, investment fund management, private banking, risk management, custody and the stock market.

With the IT solutions provided by EFFECT it can be proud of the best practices it develops and the technological innovations to add value to its customers.

The solutions offered by EFFECT incorporate all technological and managerial developments and are fully in line with the latest trends in the rapidly changing business environment, thus providing the Company's customers with competitive advantages that make them stand out and excel.

EFFECT invests in the ongoing training of a carefully selected and stable executive team and provides ongoing training in technological and organizational issues. The high specialization, the excellent scientific knowledge, the dedication and the vast experience of the Company's staff, combined with its innovative culture and organic structure, are reasons for an ever-increasing clientele and market share.